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Who was with you throughout the process of finding your wedding dress? Mom

Did you know exactly what you were looking for in a wedding dress?  I knew I wanted long sleeves, but I kept going back and forth on if I wanted a wow! dress with embellishments and some sparkle or if I wanted a classic, timeless dress. 

How many dresses/locations had you tried before you finally found the perfect dress?  Way too many! Probably 10-15

Describe the moment you realized “this is my dress.”  I loved my dress because it didn’t look like much on the hanger and I almost passed it by, but then I tried it on because it had long sleeves. As soon as I put it on at Mia, it came to life and it was the most flattering fit of any dress I’ve ever put on. I originally tried it on with one of my bridesmaids there and then had to think on it for a bit. I eventually came back with my mom and dad and tried it on again and knew that this was the one!

What do you love about your dress and how does it make you feel?  I love the way my dress fit me and the amazing, fun bustle. I love that it is timeless and that I’m still going to love it in 20 years when I look back on the pictures. I love that it was super comfortable and easy to move in. I love that it seemed to just highlight me instead of drawing a lot of attention to the dress. It made me feel beautiful! 🙂


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