Cortney’s Bridals – Hotel Granduca

From Cortney:

Getting married and finding a bridal dress is every little girl’s dream!  How many times have little girls made remarks like “When I grow up, I’ll be the prettiest bride” or “My wedding will be at . . . “.  However, when it came time for me to take the plunge, it was a little more challenging than I had thought as my mom who has been my closest and dearest friend had passed six years ago.  My wedding day was a day that we had hoped to share.  Though I deeply missed my mother who I always looked up to, I did get to spend the experience in wedding dress shopping with my 17 bridesmaids which did make it a lot of fun as we slowly found the perfect wedding dress.  Each bridesmaid would have a packet (yes, I literally organized a paper packet) of the top 7-8 dresses I had chosen for each of them to rate and place comments next to in helping me find the perfect dress.  What was funny is that the top 7-8 dresses I had finally found was nothing compared to the 60+ that I tried on at multiple boutiques located throughout River Oaks/Highland Village.  But, when I found the perfect dress, it was with my dear friend and Matron of Honor Tiffany.  I absolutely LOVED the dress I had finally chosen by Justin Alexander and did not want to take it off.  I love his creations and his style ~ it was just right and my little girl dream had come true!

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Cortney! You looked absolutely fabulous!

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