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Lindsey and Gabe had a gorgeous wedding at Hotel Zaza and Natalie with Belle of the Ball made sure everything was absolutely perfect! It’s so great to see a couple really soak in and enjoy their wedding day and these two definitely did. Everyone was having such a great time that they kept the party going well into the early morning! Check out some of my favorite images from the day and be sure to read Lindsey and Gabe’s recap of their big day below!

Their first look..

I loved having so much time to capture some great portraits!

And then the party got started!

Ceremony and Reception: Hotel Zaza

Event Coordinator: Natalie with Belle of the Ball

Florist: Events in Bloom

Cakes: Susie’s Cakes

Videographer: Bella Vista Productions

Band: The Pictures

Hair and Makeup: Azure West Salon and Sarah Hood

What was your favorite memory of the day?

Lindsey: The last song played at our wedding was Billy Joel’s Piano Man. This is a tradition among Gabe’s friends that the last song played at all of their weddings is Piano Man…some silly tradition from college fraternity days. So we expected that for sure. But what was SO unexpected was to see almost 100 people still around for our last song at 2:00am and forming a huge circle around us as we danced to the last song of our wedding. It was completely unforgettable. We had to run around the circle a few times high-fiving everyone.

Gabe: I can’t pick one so I will you three: 1) The Hora – It was very important for me to have a spirited hora, as I think this is one of the most fun parts of a Jewish wedding. Knowing how important it was to me, all my friends got very involved and made it an unbelievably high energy 20 minutes. As the photos will attest, I think I almost died a couple times as I was being tossed around like a rag doll. I think that getting everyone involved in the hora really set the tempo for what was ultimately a very crazy night. 2) My college friends requesting that our band plan Justin Bieber’s “Baby Baby” and changing the words of the chorus from “Baby” to “Gabie” (what my family calls me) while having me crowd surf yet again. 3) My parents pulling me aside at 1:45am and telling me that they just requested the band keep the party going. It just goes to show what an amazing night it was, no one wanted the night to end.

What was your favorite detail?

Lindsey: I absolutely LOVED having a white dance floor in the middle of the room. It really brought the room, and our photos, to life.

Gabe: The Rock Star Suite at The Hotel Zaza. It was such a fun place to hang out with my groomsmen before getting married. Plus, it was a great setting and allowed us to capture some amazing pictures.

Do you have any advice for future brides and grooms on their big day?

Lindsey: This is going to sound so trite, but don’t forget to stop at various points during the day/night and soak it all in. It is truly incredible to have everyone you know and love, from all over the world, gathered in one place to celebrate with you. Oh, and get a no-chip manicure.

Gabe: It’s not for everyone, but do a first look and take as many pictures as you can before the actual wedding. We were so happy to have done this because we got to spend some quality time with all our friends and family before the ceremony, and it allowed us to have more time to party with our guests.

Funniest moment from your wedding day?

Lindsey: Watching my brother sneak away with a Grey Goose bottle from the bar and passing it around to everyone on the dance floor. Including my mom.

Gabe: Being pinned down by my cousins/friends and having them rip off my shirt and tie, and then having Lindsey come over and kindly encourage them to stop. If she would not have been there, the event would have become way less classy.

Would you change anything if you could do it all over again?

Lindsey: Not. One. Thing.

Gabe: Nope, it was the best day ever. The most fun I have ever had.

What was your favorite purchase for the big day?

Lindsey: Our band The Pictures and Adam Nyholt…and my dress.

Gabe: The Pictures was a fantastic band, they had everyone at our reception dancing all night. Our pictures didn’t turn out half bad either.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

We took a mini-moon to Austin right after the wedding, and we are headed to Italy in June.

Is there anything else you would like to share? 🙂

Adam is seriously the best money you will spend on your wedding. When the whole night is over, his amazing photos are what you will have to look back on.


Thanks Lindsey and Gabe for letting me be a part of your big day!

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  1. Susan Weisselberg on January 9, 2012 at 1:24 pm

    Lindsey’s dad and I encouraged Lindsey and Gabe to think long and hard about their choice of a photographer because after the excitement and fun of this incredible occasion was over, all they would have is their memories and photographs. Adam exceeded our fondest hopes and dreams for capturing the spiritual moments, excitement and fun of this amazing evening. Surprised the bride and groom did not reference the itouch with wedding photos that Adam gifted them at the end of the evening. How fabulous it was to immediately have photos to share! And, lastly, thank you Adam for not posting the referenced photo of Grey and me!

  2. chipgillespie on February 15, 2012 at 1:08 pm

    These look awesome, man! Fun wedding!

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